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About The Studmeister System
  overview & features

Manufactured by: International Steel Building System, LLC
Made in the USA

The Studmeister Metal Stud Machine is a small, portable roll former. It's designed to manufacture steel studs for use in single- and multi-story buildings and uses coil steel.

It makes a standard lipped stud quickly, conveniently and with very little waste. Depending on your need, We can provide a machine, that makes 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s.

Significant features are that the studs are dimpled and notched so that they easily are screwed together. The dimples allow the screws to be recessed. Neither clamping nor drilling is required. The use of jigs is not required; because the Studmeister produces pieces, which when joined together, make a perfectly square form. Dimensions for the wall section, truss or gable are entered into a laptop computer, whose Studmeister Design program commands the machine to cut to specific lengths. The program also generates a printout, or footprint. Marking is not necessary since the Studmeister is fitted with a high quality ink jet printer, allowing for easy assembly. There is no need to trim anything for perfect assembly. Further, computer program calculates the amount of coil steel, and the number of screws needed to finish the project.

Set-up and training is provided for each machine at your site. This allows you to be in production almost immediately upon delivery of the machine.

The Studmeister can be set up in a shop or warehouse or put on a trailer and taken to a job site where it can be set up for making studs in very little time. This alleviates the need to have bundled studs, which must delivered to the job site and cut to size.

A steel company, designated as an approved supplier will deliver the coil steel for the Studmeister to the job site or to your shop. The steel will be certified and must meet rigid testing standards before it is shipped.

  builder benefits
  • Cost Effective: Stable supply of steel means little fluctuation in price. With steel framing, walls remain straight and true. That means fewer callbacks due to nail pops and shrinkage cracks. Because materials can be pre-cut to desired lengths, there is almost no waste. Also, steel scrap has value and incurs no tipping fees.
  • Easy to Install: Cut-to-length material reduces in-field cuts waste up to near zero. Framing members are manufactured with pre-punched holes for running piping and electrical wiring, minimizing preparation work for other trades. Steel's lightweight also makes for easier on-site handling.
  • Uniform Quality: Steel studs, track, joists and trusses are all manufactured to strict standards of strength and consistency. Your walls will always be straight and headers will always join properly.
  • Strong and Lightweight: Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any construction material. Steel framing can weigh only one-third as much as traditional construction products, reducing seismic loads.
  • Easy to Modify: Because studs are attached with screws, they can be easily moved to assure accurate attachment of wallboard and other construction components. Steel framing also makes remodeling easier because complex shapes are easy to fabricate. Changes are easy - simply put your screw gun in reverse and back out the screw.
  • Design Flexibility: Multiple product dimensions and thickness of steel components give the builder greater flexibility in determining cost-effective framing solutions. Steel can also provide greater strength for longer floor spans and higher walls.
  • Added Fire Safety: Steel studs are noncombustible, improving fire safety in compliance with local codes and fire regulations. In fact, construction with light steel framing can result in lower construction insurance premiums.
  • Improved Construction Quality: Galvanized steel studs are corrosion resistant and dimensionally stable, eliminating nail popping and reducing cracking so often associated with wood shrinkage and expansion. Steel studs will not warp, split, rot, settle or attract termites.
  • Saves Labor: Lightweight steel stud systems are generally simpler to erect than wood systems. Once experienced with steel framing, crew labor time and costs can be reduced compared to wood framing.
  • Recyclable: All steel products are 100 percent recyclable. The amount of steel recycled over the past decade has extended the life of the nation's landfills by more than three years.
  • Easy to Sell the Homeowner: With so many advantages, it's no wonder more and more homeowners, architects and developers are using steel framing and roofing for their residential work. There's never been a better time to build with steel. Your customers are ready. Are you?
  home owner benefits
  • Cost Effective: Lumber prices have fluctuated wildly in recent years, making it difficult to predict overall building costs. Stable availability of steel means you get what you pay for.
  • Durable: Homes constructed with steel frames and roofing systems have proven themselves more durable in areas vulnerable to hurricane and earthquake forces. Homes can be designed and built to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications in any part of the country. Unlike other types of construction materials, steel studs won't warp, twist, split, rot or settle.
  • Less Maintenance: Steel is corrosion resistant and dimensionally stable, eliminating nail popping and reducing cracking which keeps your home looking new for decades. Doors and windows can open and close easily year round.
  • Flexible Design: Steel's strength allows you to design your home with larger open spaces, giving you the option to build any kind of home from traditional to contemporary to the avant-garde. Steel frame homes can be finished with virtually any kind of material and can be easily remodeled.
  • Energy Efficient: With proper insulation techniques, steel can provide excellent energy efficiency. And because steel is dimensionally stable, it does not expand or contract with humidity changes.
  • Lightning Resistant: Steel provides better lightening protection because it provides multiple conductive paths directly to the ground.
  • Non-combustible: Steel is non-combustible, improving fire safety in compliance with local codes and fire regulations. In fact, construction with light steel framing can actually lower your insurance premiums.
  • Termite Proof: Steel is impervious to termites and other wood-destroying insects. Steel framed homes provide health benefits to the homeowner and the community because they do not require pesticides or other chemicals used to treat wood framing products.
  • Easy to Install: Pre-engineered steel reduces in-field cutting and waste up to 75 percent. Smaller framing crews can also reduce the cost of labor.
  • Recyclable: Steel is 100 percent recyclable. There is little waste and no trees will be sacrificed for your framing so nothing goes to the landfill. Environmentally, it just makes sense.